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A new Israeli drama series starring Aviv Alush ('The Beauty & The Baker', 'Valley of Tears').

Unchained follows a rabbi (Alush) who helps women receive a gett — divorce by Jewish law — from their uncompromising husbands.

The mystery and tension in his life come to an apex as he discovers the relationships within his own family aren’t as ideal as he thought they had been.


Here's what Haaretz said about 'Unchained ' - 'מתיר עגונות' in Hebrew:

It seems we’ve seen it all in Orthodox representation on the screen — but Unchained shines as an exceptional achievement for both its creators and actors.

“We've never seen a character quite like Joseph Morad on our screen before. A fascinating combination between the classic brainy detective — a la Sherlock Holmes or inspector Malgre, sans the arrogance — and a Jewish macher."

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The New Black Season 2. The Final Episodes.

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They started a new Yeshiva in Jerusalem. What happened next is the problem.


Now Streaming (North America Only)

A groundbreaking drama series starring Aviv Alush ('Beauty and the Baker', 'Valley of Tears') tackling one of Judaism's least addressed issues: the lives of Agunot — women unable to receive a get, or Jewish divorce, from their husbands.

Significant Other

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A comedic drama starring Dana Modan and Assi Cohen as two lonely neighbors in their late 40’s who embark on a hesitant, obstacle-filled relationship.

Checkout Season 3

The crew returns 12/13

Shira and the crew return for another season of Israel's #1 comedy.

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